In the foundry industry one of the ultimate applications of the brush concerns the removal of moulding sand (loam sand).
SIT Foundry Solutions is the range of industrial brushes designed with our customers to avoid very expensive maintenance operations and to keep the plant running smoothly.

Inner clips’ cleaning

It’s possible to use linear strip brushes where the brushing component is represented by high resistance hardened steel twist knots. The twist knots array is firmly fixed onto a steel support properly shaped and profiled in accordance to the different types of brushing unit’s clips.
This unit assures a reliable and effective cleaning of both clips’ sides and corners as twist knots are disposed on three rows and progressively on a slant when the distance to the edges decreases.
The brushing session can be done simultaneously during the clipping phase or after, by setting a proper working station up.
The brush’s maintenance can be done rapidly inside the foundry, replacing the worn twist knots out of the support and inserting the new ones using dedicated pliers supplied by SIT along with the brushing unit.

Upper and lower clip edges’ cleaning

Linear strip brushes in crimped steel wire and high resistance steel wire twist knots can be both used for this purpose.
Again the brush is engineered to allow a fast and easy maintenance and replacement of the worn out knots.

Balancing surfaces’ and melt cast iron casing cleaning

Translating brushes or rotating brushes ensure the performance of this phase: cleaning carousels.
The translating brush system uses a linear brush with twisted knots firmly fixed to a moving frame that performs a translating action on the upper surface of the carousel that must be steady.
The rotating brush system cleans the carousel with a helical segments brush, properly transversely mounted and operating while the carousel keeps moving.

Shell moulds cleaning

The gunning tank’s surface cleaning inside shell moulds is assured by a steel wire strip brush.

Weights cleaning

Even in this phase of the process SIT recommends the use of UST industrial Brushing Units in order to adjust and optimize brushing pressure (related to cleaning needs and requirements).

Conveyor belts cleaning

In the foundry industry conveyor belts are widely used to move moulds, carriages and products. These must be brushed to keep dirt, dust and larger residues away from the gears of the machinery, as this would affect quality, safety and efficiency.
SIT brushes therefore allow a saving in maintenance costs and to keep an overall better efficiency.

Our technical team is available to contact and visit you in order to find the best placement for the brushing group.

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