Brushes for pipe deburring

When cutting or processing either pipes, junctions, shafts, profiles and other metal parts is needed, the resulting burrs have to be removed from the piece.
Both flexibility and adaptability of the working surface identify the brush as the most suitable and ideal tool for every deburring operations.
More than 60 years of experience allows us, SIT Tecnospazzole, to offer to the customer the ideal brush for his deburring need. With our deburring brushes it’s possible to remove burrs from profiles of every shape and section (circular, rectangular and also more complex) in compliance with the deburring machine used.
The main offered advantage is the perfect deburring independently from the qualification of the user.
The SIT industrial brushes can be used with flexibility for the deburring of Tubes, bars, extruded profiles and sheet edges in steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other alloys.

Characteristics of SIT deburring brushes

For every type of application SIT offers a deburring brush with the size, density, trim length and filament type to get the best quality/price ratio. In this way the customer has a minimum cost that is quickly amortized thanks to the higher efficiency and longer brush life.
The Deburring Solutions product range by SIT includes a selection of industrial brushes for the toughest and finest deburring applications.
Characteristics of these brushes:

  • Perfect cylindricity and high precision of the finished product
  • Perfect surface trimming and uniform rounding of the borders
  • Very high filling density
  • No additional manual finishing operations required since there is no residual burr or secondary burr
  • Very high traction resistance of the filaments used
  • Accurate dynamic balancing (with certificate)

Brushes for automatic or manual deburring machines

SIT deburring brushes can be mounted on every type of machine: wheel brushes for manual deburring machines, roller brushes for mechanical/automatic deburring machines of the most important brands (Adige Sala, Bewo, and more) as well as segment brushes for RSA deburring machines.

Manual deburring

Automatic deburring

Complex profiles deburring with segment brushes

Brush setting recommendations

1. Standard internal and external deburring

For a standard internal and external deburring, the tube axis must be aligned to the brush axis.

2. Outer deburring

When the burr is larger on the external diameter, the axis of the tube or bar must be placed slightly below the axis of the brush.

3. Inner deburring

When the burr is larger in the inner diameter of the tube, the axis of the tube must be placed slightly above the axis of the brush.

Brushes for pipes and profiles deburring technical datasheet


D = brush outer diameter
LU = useful length
C = tube diameter
F = arbor hole diameter
F=1 = metal sheet adapter
F=2 = lathed and removable iron adapter
X = available
= on request

Upon request, brass coated wire, Liz steel cord and stainless steel wire are available