Certified quality and tested in every step of production

SIT is certified by TÜV SÜD according to the Quality standard ISO 9001 for design, production, sale and marketing of brushes for industrial uses and for the DIY market.
The standard is the benchmark for the achievement of corporate quality, defining the procedures for controlling processes which, through the company’s activity, design and production, lead to placing products on the market with customer satisfaction, compliance with safety and respect for the environment. Through our approach we support our customers, focusing on the relationship between goals and processes, assessing the critical areas and identifying opportunities for improvement.

Aligning our production processes with ISO standard 9001 is the basis for the continuous improvement of the company’s organisation.
Consolidating the ISO 9001 certification for us does not only mean merely considering management processes, but also specifically focusing on constant training and keeping up-to-date all employees, involving them in the search for ever more innovative solutions.

Performance and safety tests

All SIT brushes constantly undergo resistance, duration and performance tests. In the same way, new production materials and new technologies are tested, with the constant aim to improve product effectiveness and safety.
Our daily activity in this connection allows us to acquire experience and control on the variables that determine the performance of a brush, conducive to continuously upgrading our products.

SIT is also certified for the design, production and sale of artificial ski slopes for downhill, cross-country skiing and ski-jumping.
SIT’s manufacturing process complies with European quality and safety standards, entailing: minimum environmental impact, recycling and separate collection of production waste, continuous technological upgrading, testing and high-level research.