Industrial applications

Brush for photovoltaic and solar panels

Solar panels always require periodic cleaning in order to prevent that, due to dust of various kinds and the accumulation of dirt, their energy efficiency is reduced. SUNNY BRUSH is the modular solution that is suitable for all different types of existing solar panels on the market.


  • Modularity: eventuality to order the brush with the desired length, ad hoc for the panel.
  • Easy assembly: also directly on the roof using simple screws.
  • Economic convenience.
  • Simplicity of transport.
  • Easy replacement.

SUNNY BRUSH is composed of:

  • an aluminum core in modules of 1,000 mm.
  • Brush D=200 mm in nylon in modules of 100 mm
  • POM-C joint bushings with threaded inserts
  • Locking collars and finishing of the ends

Particularly suitable for the treatment of solar and photovoltaic panels, but it can also be used for cleaning large plastic or glass sheets.

Modularity and customization

Modulo intermedio

Boccola di giunzione, modulo spazzola e collare terminale

Modulo finale

Cylindrical punched modular brushes in smooth black nylon wire, suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces.

The toothed ends on the sides of the brushes allow the formation of rollers of any length.

The modules are self-dragging thanks to the toothed end collars, equipped with 3 grains each, to be placed at the end of the roller.

Pay attention to the maximum rotation speed for the application of 8m/s
(~ 800 RPM for Ø 200mm brushes).