Brushing Units for panels treatment

Brush Gate is a compact web cleaner (cross-section 100×120 mm), that can be easily inserted in any production line.

A barrier of disc brushes collects and moves the dust, and in the meanwhile an integrated dust hood eliminates it. The machine works without fluids, very important feature because the fluids used into the wet machines give several problems: costs, defecting parts when the liquid ends, residues on the product.

The brush speed is easily adjustable from the control panel,
adapting it to the line speed.
Brush Gate is made in a modular way, so it can clean also great size panels with the same little cross section.
Brush filaments can be adapted to any situation and dust, to improve system efficiency.

Particularly suitable for the treatment of wood panels, but it can be used also for plastic plates and, with the right filaments, for film processing.

Brush gate //

Modularity and customization

To clean both sides of the panel, 2 machines can be easily installed on the line, simply eliminating a couple of transport rollers to give place to the lower Brush Gate, as displayed in figure.

Brush Gate, differently from other systems that work only on a plane surface, thanks to its disc brushes with a special setting can clean also the sides of the panel.

The customer can use the same suction system already existing on the line.

It is possible to install, as optional, one/two antistatic bars, for reducing of the static charges that often create problems in the dusting process.