About us

An Italian story, since 1908

Our roots are strongly established in the artisan production of paint brushes.
Our present belongs to the industrial technology applied to the field of surface finishing. Our future lies in constant innovation in the name of quality, design and passion – a trademark of Made in Italy products.
An artist’s paintbrush first, restoration paintbrushes next and, in the last sixty years, a wide range of industrial and technical brushes we create, to satisfy the needs of our customers, paying close attention to every single detail.

Being guided by this belief, we continue passing on the values of Made in Italy through creative hands and minds of passionate and skilled talents.
Our commitment to ongoing innovation, by building expertise every day, has steered us to a leadership position on the Italian market.
We develop best possible solutions for surface finishing – be it a floor on which to walk barefoot, the wheel of a truck delivering goods to their destination, or the motor that will be more efficient and less noisy thanks to the finishing touch of a well-designed power brush.

Key Numbers

✓  125 experts in one team

✓  13.000 sq.m of production facilities

✓  230+ industrial machines

✓  2000+ SKUs for retail sector

✓  Infinite number of solutions for Industry and Sport

✓  75+ countries served






We listen with empathy and respect.
We promote individual diversity and inclusion.
We interact with trust, honesty and positivity.

We promote the company’s image by example.
We pursue excellence, innovation and beauty.
We embrace change with confidence, curiosity and determination.

We encourage ideas, autonomy and responsibility.
We seek improvements and solutions by optimising resources.
We work with care and precision

We offer and ask for help with humility.
We welcome advice and work on ourselves.
We care about people’s growth and well-being.

Our values of Focus on People, Passion, Responsibility and Team Spirit are more than just words: they are the code through which we operate, the compass that guides our actions and decisions in our daily lives. They embody our collective dedication to creating a work environment that not only allows us to thrive as individuals but also cultivates the success of the entire company. The behaviors that express these values have been woven through the voices and experiences of all of us, emerging as authentic representatives of our corporate culture.

Proudly Made in Italy

Born and raised in the country of excellence, from the foundation date SIT has always strived to perfection.
Craftsmanship mentality and attention to every detail is in our DNA, an attitude that we cherish while evolving and passing on our Made in Italy values from generation to generation. Day by day, century by century.

Research & Development

We are committed to preserve with care and respect the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Our significant past achievements, such as the iconic Spid hand brush, are empowering us to continue investing in research & development.
When we look to our future, we foresee innovative processes and cutting edge partnerships with particular focus on digitalization of our production site.
The updating process of our machine inventory is moving right in this direction, with over 200 machines connected via IT system to effectively trace the progress of the manufacturing processes.
Through the research focused on wireless technology and IoT, we created a flexible model that combines the existing area of industrial machines with the plant’s digital footprint. A digital transformation which helps to reduce waste, optimizes manufacturing processes and production lead times.

A family company

For five generations, my family has been committed in fostering the founders’ vision: to provide high quality, safe, reliable products and services operating in accordance with laws and standards and in respect of the environment.
In more than 110 years we have gathered a strong experience and we developed skills and know-how in our industry.
We comply with the social, economic and environmental context which we have always been part of.
Today I’m proud of our team, of their passion, energy and enthusiasm for SIT: the real background of the trust that our customers, resellers and end users recognize us.
Italian and international customers appreciate our products, our advanced solutions, the added value of our customized service, the ease of access and the relationship that has always characterized our approach to the customer.

We answer your needs offering a large inventory of standard products, custom-manufactured industrial brushes, several display solutions to increase sales and a clear guide about how to choose the most appropriate brush. In this catalogue you can find every information you may need. Moreover, if something is missing, our Customer Service, the Sales Force, the Technical Department and all the SIT family is ready to help you, with our great experience and kindness.

Our history