Basic rules for safe use

SIT always strives to provide its customers with the best product and service possible for efficient and safe application. When fitting industrial brushes on power tools, operators are required to comply with specific rules and procedures to ensure maximum safety during operation.

Before use

  • keep the brushes in their original boxes, away from heat, chemicals, dust, fumes, liquids and high humidity that may cause deterioration and premature failure
  • check the brush and use it only if it is in good condition. Damage and rust may seriously affect work!
  • check the conditions of the pneumatic machine/power tool and ensure the safety guards are fitted on
  • provide proper extraction systems and/or ventilation in the workplace
  • never work in ATEX classified areas (explosive atmosphere)!!

During use

  • comply with all speed restrictions and do not exceed the indicated Maximum Safe Free Speed (MSFS) or Max RPM
    MAX RPM is not the ideal working speed, but the maximum speed allowed!
  • avoid excessive brush pressure, it may cause wire bending and breakage, higher heat and a decrease brush life
  • choose the appropriate wire material to prevent oxidation of the processed surface
  • remember that misuse may cause damage and breakage of the brush
  • performance and safety may be jeopardised by not using the brush tangentially to the rotation direction

User safety

In brushing operations, the material being removed (burrs, fragments, slags) and wire fragments may fly off the tool at high speed, causing potential injury to users. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) must be worn by the brush operator and by others in the work area.


When fitting the brush on ensure the hole and spindle diameter are the same to assure perfect fit and smooth rotation. Always check the tightening nut and do not use brushes larger than those for which the equipment was designed