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SIT - The Italian Industrial Brushes Manufacturer

SIT means Professional and Industrial Wire Brushes.
SIT means Service and Customer Solutions. If you can't find what you're looking for Contact us

Standard Products and Applications

Brushes for craftsmen, hobbyists and professionals, excellent in every precision processing, finishing and material removal in complete safety. Steel brushes (stainless, brass-plated or carbon steel), and brushes with abrasive synthetic filaments...

Standard Brushes

Industrial Special Applications

Brushes with special shapes and filaments, designed together with the customer for the most delicate industrial technical applications and for the most aggressive ones. Brushes for pipelines, wood, aluminum, conveyor belts and for other applications...

Special Brushes

Brushes for Sport
Ski and Golf

Passion, Experience and Quality applied to the design of brushes for Ski Jump, Alpine Ski and Cross-Country Ski, but also for Golf, Tennis and other domestic use.
We guide the best ski jumping athletes in the most delicate landings...

Brushes for Sport

Resources, Videos
and Catalogues

Section to explore and satisfy your curiosity reading about our company, downloading the latest catalogs as .pdf files and watching the videos showing applications and tests on our brushes.
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Multimedia Area