Brushes for Various Applications

Punched Modules

Punched and modular roller brushes

RMD are Cylindrical Brushes in PPL, Nylon Horsehair or Tampico with modular assembling to satisfy numerous light job applications and ...

Flap Discs in Zirconium or Corundum

Flap Discs with Zirconium or Corundum

FD by SIT are Flap Discs of very first quality, with single or double flap and support in nylon or fiberglass. Abrasive material of different grits. Ideal for finishing the surfaces and to remove oxides and paint...

Cutting Discs and Deburring

Cutting Discs and Deburring

DT discs are designed to be cut discs for iron in aluminium oxide and for marble in silicon carbide. DS instead are discs for iron deburring in aluminium oxide...

Discs for pickling in nylon fibers

Discs in nylon fiber for pickling

Discs mountable on grinder or drill, in nylon fiber very resistant, with embedded abrasive in silicon carbide and thicker grit. Ideal with filaments, stainless steel, pickling and weld cleaning, ...

Abrasive Rollers for Brushing Machines of type Flex

Rollers in abrasive sponge for flex brushing machines

Rollers RSF by SIT Tecnospazzole in abrasive sponge or combined in flaps of abrasive cloth and sponge for finishing and satin finishing stainless steel

Frontal Cups in Abrasive Nylon

Frontal cups in abrasive nylon

Cup brushes with abrasive wire of different grits and diameters for iron, stone, marble and wood. With punched and flexible filament. For jobs on plane surfaces and ...

Brooms for Cleaning Large Surfaces


Brooms for large surfaces, with different filaments, from PPL to PVC to Coconut up to iron for heavier cleaning jobs and for the lighter ones, ...

sweepers with rigid support

sweepers with metallic support

The LLW and LW series by SIT consists of Brooms and sweepers in filament of brass coated steel and rigid PVC. They have a metallic support that makes them especially resistant for heavy-duty or repeated applications, ...

Weedbrush - Accessory to remove weed

weed brooms, Accessorio scopa for cleaning of the erbacce

The original Weedbrush by SIT is a handy accessory for cleaning and remove of weed from the footpath and from pavement cracks...

Safety goggles for brushing jobs

Safety goggles for brushing jobs

SIT offers to its customers high quality safety goggles for industrial carpentry jobs or for Hobbies. For every brushing job these and other IPD, ...