Industrial Strip Base 4, 5 and 8 for doors and windows, main doors and machinerieses

Industrial Strip
Technical Drawing of Industrial Strip

High Quality Industrial Line

Linear Strip Brush with different types of filament (traditional but also special filaments, high temperature-resistant, conductors, for food use)

Applications: Protection from dust, humidity and air, cleaning and brushing of components that transit inside the machinery, cleaning of components in movement (rollers, straps and conveyor belts).

4174132500PPL B.L.0,20301220
4204162500GRAY HORSEHAIR301221
4254212500CRIMPED BRASS 0,10301222
5205152500NYL B.L.0,30301227
5 Stainless Steel205152500Stainless Steel 0,15301240
5205152500GRAY HORSEHAIR301289
5305252500GRAY HORSEHAIR301223
5305252500CRIMPED IRON 0,20301241
5355302500CRIMPED BRASS 0,15301242
5355302500NYL B.L.0,30301228
5355302500PPL B.O. 0,35301229
5405352500GRAY HORSEHAIR301290
5405352500NYL N.Z.0,30301231
5405352500Stainless Steel OND. 0,15301243
5 stainless steel405352500PPL N.L. 0,20301230
5 stainless steel455402500Stainless Steel 0,20301244
5505452500GRAY HORSEHAIR301291
5505452500NYL B.L.0,30301232
5605552500GRAY HORSEHAIR301224
5605552500CRIMPED IRON 0,20301245
5 stainless steel605552500PPL N.L.0,20301233
5605552500NYL N.Z.0,30301234
5705652500NYL B.L.0,30301235
5705652500PPL B.O. 0,35301236
5705652500NYL B.L. 0,40301237
5705652500NYL B.L. 0,60301238
5885832500PPL N.L. 0,50301239
8808722500NYL B.L.0,30301168