Wheel Brushes in Abrasive Nylon for Stationary

Ring 40/150 in abrasive
Technical Drawing of Stationary
Line Abrasive Brushes Stationary

Rings in abrasive nylon suitable for every type of surface, metal and non-ironus.

Applications: Deburring, satin finishing, pickling, wood-aging. Mind the suggested rotation speed.

10016/1005160,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11405
15040/150*940-160,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11431
18040/180*940-160,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11460
20040/200*940-160,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11438
 60/2009600,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11522
 80/2009800,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11461
25040/250*940-160,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11439
 60/2509600,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11542
 80/2509800,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G 18020M/sec11462