Threaded Adapters for Grinder Brushes | M14, Multi-Thread MTF (M14-5/8"), M10

Adapters multi-threaded for grinder M14 and 5/8 of inch by SIT Tecnospazzole Made in Italy

Adapter Multi-Thread MTF M14 - 5/8"

SIT Tecnospazzole offers the ability to mount on its entire line of brushes for grinder the Multi-threaded Adapters (MTF) M14 - 5/8". The brushes with the MTF adatper (or "Multi") can be mounted equally well on tools with connection M14 and/or 5/8 of an inch for the european market and for the American/English market.

Adapters M14-M10 for grinder by SIT Tecnospazzole

Adapter M14 - M10

In alternative to the Multi-threaded line it is possible to request the mounting of the additional M10 adapter, to use all the brushes with M14 adapter on tools with M10 connection.

Bevel brush for grinder in steel with twisted knots with adapter marked with a laser

Laser Marking on Threaded Adapters

SIT Tecnospazzole is introducing a new marking system for adapters and for brushes in general. This allows not only a easier customization for the customer but also a univocal marking and an ID of the production batch.