Mini Brushes for Drill

Set of mini brushes
Technical drawings of some of the mini brushes for Drill

Line Solutions Drill

A complete series of brushes for precision jobs and modellism.

Applications: For hobbies and crafts, modellism and finishing jobs on molds, in particular:
Iron: To remove fouling.
Brass: To polish.
Black and White Bristle: For degreasing with paste.
Cotton: For buffing with paste.
Scotch Brite: To satin polish and prepare welding.

19MSC2,35wheeliron ø 0,104500123501
19MSC2,35wheelbrass ø 0,084500123502
22MSC2,35wheelwhite bristle 4500123503
22MSC2,35wheelblack bristle 4500123504
25MSC2,35wheelscotch brite4500123506
12MST2,35cup iron ø 0,104500123511
12MST2,35cup brass ø 0,084500123512
12MST2,35cup white bristle 4500123513
12MST2,35cup black bristle 4500123514
8MSP2,35endiron ø 0,104500123521
8MSP2,35endbrass ø 0,084500123522
8MSP2,35endwhite bristle 4500123523
8MSP2,35endblack bristle 4500123524