Flap Discs in Zirconium and in Corundum

Flap Discs in Zirconium and in Corundum SIT
Technical Drawing of Flap Discs DL by SIT

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Flap Discs of very first quality, with single or double flap and support in nylon or fiberglass. Abrasive material with Zirconium or with Corundum of different grits.

Applications: Ideal for finishing the surfaces, for clean weldings also with filaments and to remove oxides and paint.

115DL 1154022NYLON flatsingle72Zirconium1330010451
115DL 1156022NYLON flatsingle72Zirconium1330010452
115DL 1158022NYLON flatsingle72Zirconium1330010453
115DL 11510022NYLON flatsingle72Zirconium1330010464
115DL 11512022NYLON flatsingle72Zirconium1330010465
115DL 1154022NYLON flatdouble80Zirconium1330010454
115DL 1156022NYLON flatdouble80Zirconium1330010455
115DL 1158022NYLON flatdouble80Zirconium1330010456
115DL 1154022NYLON flatdouble80Corundum1330010430
115DL 1156022NYLON flatdouble80Corundum1330010458
115DL 1158022NYLON flatdouble80Corundum1330010431
115DL 11510022NYLON flatdouble80Corundum1330010437
115DL 11512022NYLON flatdouble80Corundum1330010438
115DL 1154022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle80Zirconium1330010466
115DL 1156022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle80Zirconium1330010467
115DL 1158022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle80Zirconium1330010468
115DL 11510022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle80Zirconium1330010491
115DL 11512022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle80Zirconium1330010492
125DL 1254022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle72Zirconium1220010486
125DL 1256022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle72Zirconium1220010487
125DL 1258022FIBERGLASS - CONICsingle72Zirconium1220010488
180DL 1804022NYLON flatdouble120Zirconium860010460
180DL 1806022NYLON flatdouble120Zirconium860010461

Corundum/Corundum (Aluminium Oxide):
Rapid grinding of normal iron, nonironous metals and their alloys, hard wood and wooden materials in general, synthetic resin.

Rapid grinding of highly resistant special irons, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, nonironous metals and their alloys.