Stik | The perfect brush for Pellet Stove Brazier cleaning

Stik, Tube Brush cleaning pellet stoves braziers
Stik wire brush for pellet cleaning packaging

Stik brazier cleaner inside pellet stove

Easy to use STIK brush! The Stik is designed by SIT Tecnospazzole in Italy for the Pellet Sotve Brazier cleaning. In less than 2 minutes and 3 simple steps you will have a perfectly mantained Pellet Stove even inside! The Stik has 2 tips: one is for the removal of combustion residues and coal stuck in your pellet stove brazier and the other tip has high density brass coated steel wire for the brazier finishing and for scratching away the residues

Applications: Cleaning and maintenance of pellet stoves and more: cleaning of the brazier, coal removal, combustion residues removal, and generally cleaning of the inner parts of your beautiful pellet stove!

StikSteel end brush with scraper for the cleaning of the brazier61995