Gutter-Saver | The brush that prevents gutters obstruction by leaves or debris

spiral brush Gutter-Saver to save the gutters from dirt, leaves and debris
Line Solutions

Flexible spiral brush, 3m long and "modular" easy to install on the gutters or in the underground slot gutters. An indispensable brush that should be inserted in the gutters of every that has trees nearby.

Applications: Gutter-Saver is an original product by SIT Tecnospazzole that in a simple yet intelligent way allows to protect every gutter and pipe from the obstruction caused by leaves, branches and debris that naturally accumulate on every roof or path and in every basement. Gutter-Saver must be inserted manually in the gutter or in the pipe (its flexibility allows the insertion also with right angles turns) and will be completely autonomous!. We advice a simple and repeated maintenance removing the brush when it is very dirty, passing it under cold water and re-inserting it for an operating life practically never ending!

100Gutter-Saver Display (18 pcs)30000,8PPL Black Smooth11843
100Gutter-Saver Reload30000,8PPL Black Smooth91841
120Gutter-Saver Reload30000,8PPL Black Smooth51844
150Gutter-Saver Reload30000,8PPL Black Smooth41819

Accessories for the insertion and maintenance of the gutters

Accessories for the insertion in pipes
Technical drawing of spiral for the insertion

Line Solutions

Components of crank handle and spiral for debris removal that can be combined with the green rods that you can find here to complete the rane of products offered by Sit for cleaning and maintenance of gutters and pipes.

Applications: Clean pipes, drains and gutters from the dirt, from incrustations or from natural debris of every kind. Ideal for routine and extraordinary maintenance of gutters and loglines.

crank handle AM 1211812
SPIRAL BM 1211813