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How to use our brushes, applications videos

SIT Tecnospazzole YouTube channel

We in SIT create video playlists about the application of the our Brushes for powertools and of our Technical Brushes. These video are shown in trade fairs or made for customers that want to see how our product works and what's the right way of brushing. Here you will find our videos from our Youtube Channel where you should subscribe to receive updates about every new video we publish!

SPID Hand Brushes by SIT Tecnospazzole are the best brushes hand brushes in the world. Created and patented by SIT more than 40 years ago they have been recentrly re-engineered for many different applications in manufacturing, hobby and domestic use. You can use it in your everyday life cleaning your grill, your bike and, also use the pvc version for your dog's and cat's basket!
Product Detail!

KIT Pulipellet is the brush that lets you easily clean and mantain your pellet stove exhaust pipe when (1-2 times a year) required! Using it will make your stove last longer, increasing the burning efficiency and allowing you to save money and the environment!

Wood Brushing with Rollers for brushing machines, satin finishing machines, drills and grinders

Test comparativo tra una Cup brush crimped wire TE80 contro una "equivalente" (in apparenza" della concorrenza

Weld cleaning with SIT wheel brushes (crimped wire and twist knots) on tubes, pipes and any surface

Crimped wire brushes mounted on manual or automatic deburring machines used for the deburring of pipes and profiles

Brushing di metals and other surfaces with rollers for brushing machines Makita, Metabo e Festool

Brush Salvagronda for evitare il deposito di foglie, frutti, residui e detriti in the grondaie

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Industrial and custom made brushes catalogue - SIT Tecnospazzole Made in Italy

Industrial Brushes Catalogue

New catalogue of standard products for hardware and technical solutions, custom made for the industrial use...

Professional line of chimney cleaning tube brushes

Professional Line of Chimney and Tube brushes

New tube brushes and twisted in brushes engineered for professional chimney and stove cleaning.