Strip in polypropylene for main doors

Strip for main doors
Technical Drawing of Strip for Main Doors

High Quality Industrial Line

Linear Strip Brush in filament of polypropylene (PPL) smooth black.

Applications: For applications on doors and windows and industrial main doors as a seal to air and dust.

2,5152,51220000,15PPL Black Smooth1001215
2,5192,51720000,15PPL Black Smooth1001219
41541125000,15PPL Black Smooth2501105
41941525000,15PPL Black Smooth2501106
42542125000,2PPL Black Smooth1251107
43242825000,2PPL Black Smooth1251108
43843425000,2PPL Black Smooth1251210
52051525000,15PPL Black Smooth1251211
52552025000,2PPL Black Smooth1251119
53252725000,2PPL Black Smooth1251120
53853325000,2PPL Black Smooth1251121
55054525000,2PPL Black Smooth1251122
56055525000,2PPL Black Smooth1251123
57056525000,2PPL Black Smooth62,51212
58057525000,2PPL Black Smooth62,51124
59058525000,25PPL Black Smooth62,51125
510059525000,25PPL Black Smooth62,51126

New Strip Base 8 High Density

84083225000,5PPL Black Smooth251166
85084225000,5PPL Black Smooth251167
87586725000,5PPL Black Smooth251284
810089225000,5PPL Black Smooth251285
8120811225001PPL Black Smooth251286
8145813725001PPL Black Smooth251287