Industrial Strip Base 10, 13, 14 and 19 for doors and windows, main doors and machinerieses

Industrial Strip
Technical Drawing of Industrial Strip

High Quality Industrial Line

Linear Strip Brush with different types of filament (traditional but also special filaments, high temperature-resistant, conductors, for food use)

Applications: Protection from dust, humidity and air, cleaning and brushing of components that transit inside the machinery, cleaning of components in movement (rollers, straps and conveyor belts).

104010302000PPL B.L.0,30301171
105010402000PPL B.L.0,30301172
105010402000NYLON B.L.0,60301173
105010402000ACC. 0,30301194
10 stainless steel6011492000Stainless Steel 0,20301195
106010502000PPL B.L.0,30301174
10 stainless steel6011492000PPL B.L.0,40301175
106010502500PPL B.O. 0,60301176
106010502500PPL B.O.0,60+ACC. 0,35301177
107010602000PPL B.L. 0,60301178
107010602000PPL B.L. 1,1301179
108010702000ACC. 0,30301196
108010702000NYL B.L.0,40301180
108010702000PPL B.L. 0,80301181
109010802000PPL B.L. 0,60301182
1010010902000PPL B.L. 0,80301183
1010010902000PPL B.L. 1,2x1,6301184
10110101002000PPL B.L. 0,60301185
10 stainless steel11011992000PPL B.L. 1,1301186
10120101102000PPL B.L. 0,60301187
10128101183000PPL B.L. 0,80301188
10140101302000PPL B.L. 0,80301189
10160101502000NYLON B.L. 0,80301190
10180101702000PPL B.L. 0,80301191
10195101852000NYLON B.L.1301192
10250102402000PPL B.L.1,1301193
137018522000ACC. 0,50301199
137018522000PPL B.O.0,80+ACC. 0,50301198
138018622000PPL B.O. 0,80301197
139018722000ACC. 0,40301200
1310018822000ACC. 0,50301201
147015552500PPL B.O. 0,80301202
147015552500PPL B.O. 0,80+ACC. 0,40301203

Strip for block making machines

1310018821280NYLON N.L. 1,5+PIAT.ACC.1,1x0,25301204
1911525901300PPL BL2x3+PIAT.ACC.1,1x0,25301205