Linear strip brushes for Doors and Main Doors, Brushes for Doors and Windows and Retaining Sleeves

Strip for Doors

Strip linear brushes for Doors

The Linear Strip brushes SIT are ideal for mounting under the house doors protecting the home and family environment from air and humidity.

Strip for main doors

Strip linear brushes for main doors

The Strip brushes with filament in polypropylene can be applied to doors and windows and industrial main doors for the isolation from air and dust.

Support Tapes

Tapes in aluminum, iron and stainless steel for the support of the Strip brushes

Support tapes for mounting rapidly and precisely the linear Strip brushes, simple or finned depending on the assembling requirements.

Strip for Industrial Applications

Strip brushes for industrial applications

Industrial Strips are designed by SIT to satisfy every technical need and application, such as painting installation, degreasing and pickling.