Technical Brushes and Special Applications for the Industry

SIT Technical Solutions - Brushes for special applications
SIT produces beside the wide range of Standard Products several types of special brushes, on custom order, that are engineered by our technical office starting from a design that is developed together with the customer.
In this page we show the types of our Industrial Brushes and the various applications where they are used.

Industrial Applications

Brushes for Wood and Brushing Machines

Brushes for Wood and Brushing Machines

Cleaning, Structuring, treatment and finishing of wooden surfaces. Dust removal and painting

Brushes for aluminum alloys

Brushes for Aluminium Alloys

Molds cleaning, rolling cylinders, burrs removal and satin finish of extrusions

Brush Units for conveyor belts

Brushing Units for Conveyor Belts

Motorized Brushing Units for the continuous removal of dry or humid material from belts

Deburring brushes and burrs removal

Brushes for Tubes Deburring

Removal of cutting "burrs" and processing residues from tubes and profiles.

Brushes for pipeline applications pipeline and weld cleaning

Brushes Pipeline and Weld Cleaning

Weld preparation and cleaning, weld joint preparation, pipe coverings removal

Brushes for rolling mills

Brushes for Rolling Mills and coils treatment

Finishing and cleaning in rolling mills. Treatment and pickling of iron and aluminum

Brushes for tyre retreading and rubber treatment

Tyre Retreading Brushes

Tyre casing cleaning, tread pattern buffing and other rubber treatments

Brushes for the Foundry Industry

Brushes for the Foundry Industry

Cleaning of the soil residues from the inside and edges of brackets and carousels/carts

Type of Technical Brushes

Strip Industrial Brushes

Strip Industrial Brushes

Continuous linear brushes with synthetic, metallic, animal, vegetable textile or mixed filaments

Cylindrical spiral brushes

Cylindrical Brushes

Brushes with close or pitched spirals, cylindrical or shaped, mounted on shaft or tube

Free Spiral Brushes

Strip Free Spiral Brushes

Strip spiral brush wrapped with predefined internal diameter as spare part for the customer

Master Rolls of Strip brushes

Master Rolls

Cylindrical brushes with helical interchangeable sectors of strip spaced to discharge the material

Abrasive Nylon Brushes

Abrasive Nylon Brushes

Abrasive filament of distinct grits depending on the abrasion factor and the chemical resistance.

Punched brushes

Punched Brushes

Brushes made of bristles of filament inserted into a frame of plastic/wood/aluminum. Great constructive flexibility.