High Density Strip Rollers and Punched Rollers for Makita Brushing Machines

Rollers for Makita brushing machines
Technical Drawing of Roller for Brushing Machine

High Quality Industrial Line Makita brushing machine

Roller bevel brush for Makita brushing machines and satin finishing machines.

Applications: For processing, satin finishing, sanding, roughening iron, stone, marble, wood, for wood-aging and wood treatment, to remove graffiti and paint from wall and wood.

100RSM2111512,8+2ch1Abrasive Nylon Gr. 4635001777
100RSM2111512,8+2ch1Abrasive Nylon Gr. 60 35001776
100RSM2111512,8+2ch1Abrasive Nylon Gr. 8035001786
100RSM1811512,8+2ch0,25LIZ Iron Cord35001775
100RSM2111512,8+2ch1Abrasive Nylon Gr. 46 35001773
100RSM2111512,8+2ch1Abrasive Nylon Gr. 6035001772
100RSM2111512,8+2ch1Abrasive Nylon Gr. 8035001771

Video showing brushing action using Brushing Machines

Video showing Wood Processing with brushes of different types and different filaments. Brushes for Makita satin finishing machines, Brushes for grinders and brushes for drill, in abrasive nylon, iron and brass-plated iron. The video shows how the choice of the brush determines, depending also on the wood, the desired type of finishing...

Video of the Brushing of a block of painted metal. A Makita brushing machine using a brush in crimped steel wires. These brush combo can easily remove paint and rust from metal, concrete and wood...

Video of the Brushing of a wall with a graffiti. In this action SIT brushes prove themselves to be effective in the removal of murals, and wall paintings of any kind without damaging the wall. Try to believe!