Wheel brushes Professional Series CE (D 100-250) for Stationary

CE4153 wheel in Iron
Technical Drawing of Stationary

Professional Line Stationary

Wheel Brushes in brass-plated iron wire. The "CE" Series includes lighter and less expensive wheel brushes, with lower wire density.

Applications: Deburring, satin finishing and polishing of surfaces of every material and shape, suitable for lighter jobs and not as continuous compared to the "Industrial" Line.

100CE 3103171828160,3Brass Coated Steel60004704
125CE 3122153028160,3Brass Coated Steel60004709
150CE 4152203238KIT mm0,3Brass Coated Steel60005714
150CE 4153253238KIT mm0,3Brass Coated Steel60005719
180CE 4183254738KIT mm0,3Brass Coated Steel60004716
200CE 4202473838KIT mm0,3Brass Coated Steel60004722
200CE 4203274738KIT mm0,3Brass Coated Steel60002721
250CE 4253274738KIT mm0,3Brass Coated Steel60002723