Wheel Brushes in Abrasive Nylon Series 300 for Stationary

Ring 309/200 in abrasive
Technical Drawing of Stationary

Line Abrasive Brushes Stationary

Rings in abrasive nylon suitable for every type of surface, metal and non-ironus.

Applications: Deburring, Satin finishing, Pickling, wood-aging. Mind the suggested rotation speed (for plastic and wood ideal peripheral speed = 20 m/s).

200309/20098650,81ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 80450011441
200309/20098650,80,55ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 120450011442
200309/20098650,80,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 180450011443
200309/20098650,80,75ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 240450011444
200309/20098650,80,55ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 320450011445
200309/20098650,80,45ABRASIVE NYLON O.A. G. 500450011446
300312/3001110650,81ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 801300011449
300312/3001110650,80,55ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 120300011450
300312/3001110650,80,9ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 180300011451
300312/3001110650,80,75ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 240300011452
300312/3001110650,80,55ABRASIVE NYLON C.S. G. 320300011453
300312/3001110650,80,45ABRASIVE NYLON O.A. G. 500300011454