Wheel Brushes in Liz Iron Cord Series 6-8000 (D 140-160) for Stationary

8165 wheel in Liz
Technical Drawing of Stationary

Line in Liz Iron Cord Stationary

Wheel Brushes in steel cord brass-plated Liz which adds great flexibility and the ability to obtain different types of finishing depending on the pressure applied.

Applications: Deburring, satin finishing and mechanical pickling. Liz is ideal for buffing pneumatic machines and rubber industry but is suitable for any kind of surfaces, from metal to wood to stone.

140RW 61443220580,17LIZ Cord600019603
150RW 61521825580,17LIZ Cord600019606
150RW 81544315770,17LIZ Cord600019609
160RW 81654520770,17LIZ Cord600019611