Blister Steel Brushes

Set of Brushes d'iron SIT in blister

High Quality Industrial Line
Professional Line

The SIT Brushes are offered also in plastic Blisters, convenient, handy and hanging on vertical displays, mounted on walls, or mounted on mini-stands for the large retail chanin thes.

Applications: Ideal for all the applications of the SIT brushes, electrical and pneumatic tool, chips removal, rust, paint, surface finishing, satin finishing, deburring, weld cleaning and much more.

60B T60M14Ø mm 0,31400060228
80B T80M14Ø mm 0,31400060725
80B T80M10Ø mm 0,31400060726
100B T100M14Ø mm 0,3850060110
120B T120M14Ø mm 0,3660060120
95B CZ 95M14Steel 0,51400060760
95B CZ 95M10Steel 0,51400060761
70B TU 71M14Steel 0,351400060730
70B TU 71M10Steel 0,351400060731
70B TZ 70M14Steel 0,51400060740
70B TZ 70M10Steel 0,51400060741
100B TZ 100M14Steel 0,5850060320
120B TZ 120M14Steel 0,5850060322
90B CO 90M14Steel 0,31400060745
90B CO 90M10Steel 0,31400060746
120B CO 120M14Steel 0,31250060222
15B P 15Shaft 6x25Steel 0,31500060209
25B P 25Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,31000060210
70B TGZ 70Shaft 6x25Steel 0,35650060304
70B GG 73Shaft 6x25Steel 0,318000120217
100B GG 103Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,318000120219
30B G 30Shaft 6x25Steel 0,3650060220
50B G 50Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,35000120218
75B G 75Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,34500120216
100B G 100Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,34500120205
90B CO 90 GShaft 6x25Ø mm 0,34500120212
95B CZ 95 GShaft 6x25Steel 0,35650060306
70B GZ 71Shaft 6x25Steel 0,52000060301
 MINI DRILL P15-TE50-G75Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,3450060362
 MAXI DRILL P25-TE75-G100Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,3450060363
 MINI KIT - 3 assorted small brushes Shaft 3 mm 450060370
80B SP 80Shaft 6x25Cloth 400060402
100B 10013Ø mm 0,3600060214
100B CE310316Ø mm 0,3600060705
120B 12016Ø mm 0,3600060215
125B CE312216Ø mm 0,3600060710
150B 150KIT - mmSteel 0,35600060101
150B CE4152KIT - mmØ mm 0,3600060715
150B SP 15016-20Cloth 400060404
 SPID ACC Blis. Ø mm 0,3 120005
 SPID OTT Blis.  Brass 0,3 120007
 SPID PVC Blis. PVC Rigido 120008
(SPID - TE 50 - G75)
 Ø mm 0,3 120365
 SLIM DUO Steel 0,3 + Brass 0,3 120026
50B TE 50Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,34500120200
75B TE 75Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,34500120202
85B TE 85Shaft 6x25Ø mm 0,3450060227
28B STShaft 6x25Steel 0,3-120450
70B T 70Shaft 6x25Steel 0,3450060211

Blister Products SIT

All the SIT Products packaged in blister have a REF (reference ID) of their own end a specific code ID and they match a standard article in the SIT catalog, with a distinct REF, but packaged inside a blister, so in order to see the characteristics and the design of a blister product look for the correspondent page among the Standard Brushes.